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You’re a BOSS, but
What if you don’t look like it?


Running a business is complicated and scary. You’ve been doing it on your own for a while but what if you can do more, make more, reach more, but without the headache?!?!

Digital Made Simple is here to help you through:

  • Dubsado design and system setup
  • Authentic, conversion focused marketing,
  • cohesive portal & identity design,
  • and a creative automations to minimize your heavy lifting.

With a simple step by step approach, your business will achieve the success of your dreams.

Digital Made Simple marketing strategy development
I will examine your entire marketing system and make sure it all works together, looks authentic, and attracts the right clients to your business.
Digital Made Simple marketing strategy report
You will receive a personalized Marketing Strategy Report with exactly which tools and guidance you need to make sure you can work ON your business without driving yourself crazy
Digital Made Simple marketing strategy execution
What’s the use of making all these plans if you don’t have someone to help you execute them? That’s where I come in. I can design your website, visual identity, and help setup the systems that will attract your ideal clients.

I didn’t say it…They did!

Creating a brand can be so overwhelming, but with the help of Nicole Johnson there is no reason to feel in over your head. Network Nikki, as I like to call her, has been a God-send for me and my business. She helps me organize my ideas, my budget and my timeline into achievable realistic goals!!
Kala Duncan

Owner, The OMNI FIT

We wanted to see if Nicole could take the unfinished/incomplete website design from a competitor, overhaul it, and make it relevant. We made the decision because we felt that the competitor would not complete the task on time and if they did it was not going to meet our needs. We made the right call – Digital Made Simple completed the website on time and it was exactly what we needed with functionality we can build on. Thank you DMS!
Mike Sanchez

CEO, Eagle E&R

I built my website from the ground up and managed to at least get it running, but the site looked incomplete. Within a short period of time, Nicole not only addressed my issue but created a new look/design for my homepage, rearranged some supporting pages, and pictures in such a way that my NEW website is COMPLETE AND READY for the coming year!
Reggie Greene

Owner, Wealth Creation Investments

Are you constantly chasing goals but never quite catching them?

Building a business means constantly setting goals. You’ve got the smarts and the desire so why do your goals seem so elusive sometimes? They don’t have to be. Not if you have the right process and mindset to consistently achieve each and every goal you set for yourself!


In this 10-day e-Course, you will discover my proven system to:

  • Clearly define unbeatable goals that you are sure to achieve
  • Map out the right plan and process to make sure you can achieve them
  • Use Free worksheets and templates to design and keep track of all the goals you create
  • Understand the right mindset and practices you can use to continue to win at your goal-getting in the future


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About Me

My goal is to give small businesses the tools and techniques I’ve learned from working in Fortune 500 corporations who make their brands household names. But I want to do this in a way that’s not overwhelming and is achievable by anyone.

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