About Us

Digital Made Simple is a BOUTIQUE MARKETING firm catering to HIGH PROFILE CLIENTELE who are WELL KNOWN and want their products to be WELL SOLD.

With Big-firm marketing expertise and an intimate approach, Digital Made Simple helps brands achieve success by offering services such as:

  • Brand Audits
  • Strategic Planning
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Brand Design and Compliance
  • Web Design and Management
  • Social Media Support
  • Specialized Software Implementation
  • Email Marketing
  • …And more!

It is our mission to help brands experience less confusion, frustration, and intimidation around online marketing initiatives. With the help of Digital Made Simple, you can feel empowered to reach your goals with confidence and authenticity and manifest your vision for making a lasting mark on those your serve.

Our vision is to make Digital Made Simple the first choice of high profile clients looking to bring their ideas to the masses through expert online branding & marketing.

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Our core values include:

Authenticity, Respectful Collaboration, Resourcefulness, Reliability
Compassion, Personal Attention, Innovation, and Progressive learning.

Nicole Johnson, Founder & CEO of Digital Made Simple

Nicole Johnson founded Digital Made Simple, LLC in 2014. With over 8 years of web and graphic design experience, she created this company to give business and brands the tools, techniques, and strategies to unlock their true selling potential.

Before starting Digital Made Simple, Nicole spent 18 years in operations for Fortune 500 companies. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Strategic Management, she was sought after for her expertise in organizational change management, lean continuous improvement, supply chain efficiency, and global quality assurance.

Coupled with her lifetime of passion for the visual arts, she is able to marry strategic business direction with high-quality branding and design.

The Team

Digital Made Simple’s team consists of numerous talented account managers, graphic designers, web developers and other marketing and technology experts, working together to ensure that client brands are well-represented, client visions are well respected and that client services and products are well marketed from end-to-end.

The Digital Made Simple team employs a human-centered design approach to digital marketing that is iterative and agile. Using research-backed insights and experiential marketing techniques, we offer clients a first-class digital experience focused on brand elevation and design.