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Have an in-house marketing expert like the major companies do

you can have the marketing staff & expertise like the large companies do!

Executing a great branding and marketing strategy can take as much work as performing your services. Major companies have the staff (and budget) to have someone manage their marketing day in and day out. But you don’t have that budget and you certainly don’t want to have to worry about the payroll and benefits packages that come with in-house staff.  Having an ongoing partner can help you focus on your business while I handle your marketing strategy. 

As part of executing your marketing strategy, you will have my expertise available on how to automate and simplify your back-end systems and continued support as your marketing journey takes you to higher levels of ROI and increased customer base!

Discover what a successful partnership is like in your business

Retain a long term strategy and execution partner

Bronze Package

This package is designed to increase industry exposure and lead generation this is best for businesses who want to improve awareness of their brand and stay better connected to their target audience. It includes:

Gold Package

This package is designed to improve industry exposure and impact, increase lead generation and streamline business processes for more efficient customer engagement, which contributes to optimal revenue generation. It includes:

Platinum Package

This package is designed to maximize industry exposure and impact, maximize lead generation, streamline business processes for more efficient customer engagement and management, which significantly contributes to maximum revenue generation. It includes:

*Note: All retainer packages include a sign-up fee to get started which is noted on the purchase page.

Choose between paying in full up front for a 10% discount -OR- the flexible 50/50 payment plan! You will be able to select your service level on the purchase page.

Effective marketing is an essential component in improving your visibility and generating more revenue for your business.

This process will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts and identify opportunities for reaching your target audience with great content they’ll love.


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