Learn how to create and plan a course all within Notion.

In this Notion Office Hours Episode, I share how you can develop, organize, and execute online courses using Notion. I’ve been using Notion for quite some time now (all of about 11 months ?) and what I love about it is its ability to be flexible enough so that I can basically create a system around whatever I’m trying to manage in my life, business, or even hobbies. Well, this time I’m getting down to business and I’m showing how I used Notion to plan out my Goal Miner eCourse.

It’s all about the Integration, Baby

In the video, I talk about how I use a white-board tool to brainstorm my course outline visually. Look, I’m a visual person…if I can’t draw it out and connect the dots, I’m a confused, hot mess ?. So I personally use Miro, but there are plenty of options out there (like Mural, InVision, Whimsical, etc.). The added benefit is that I can actually embed my Miro board into Notion as a reference as I build out my content.

Building and Connecting

Once I have the framework drawn out in Miro, I start building out each layer of content in Notion. What’s great is that I can connect each course I’m working on to each of the modules in the course to each of the lessons in all of the modules. Again, visually it’s organized and clear what I have to work on, what content I have to generate, how I plan to outline what my students need to accomplish in each lesson, and everything…All in one convenient location. Then…on top of THAT!…  I can just copy and paste right into my website/builder…easy peasy, lemon squeezy (*drops mic ?).


I hope you learn a lot from this video and if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up and designing the various databases that I showed in this demo, then check out the done for you template below.