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Did you know Dubsado isn’t just for Client Management?

I know Dubsado is typically used to automate and create efficiency in managing your client process, but did you know that you can also use it for hiring your next team member? The high-end branding and custom experience Dubsado delivers when working with clients can also be used to make your business irresistible to potential job candidates. And why wouldn’t you want the best and brightest clamoring to work with you? Let me show you how I use Dubsado to hire my team members.

What this video is about…

In this video, you’ll see how I have used Dubsado in my hiring process. I will go through the complete workflow that I mapped out for my business and show you the behind-the-scenes of all the forms, schedulers, and setup steps that helped make it successful. 

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The Hiring Workflow

As with practically everything automation within Dubsado, you’ve got to start with mapping out your workflow. Laying it out visually goes a long way in not only making it easier to translate into a Dubsado workflow, but it also helps you identify any issues or inefficiencies in your process before your prospective hires experience them. Each time I’ve used Dubsado for hiring, I’ve found ways to improve.

Digital Made Simple hiring process flowchart

System Setup

Once your process flow is mapped out, there are few system things that need to be setup to help make things run smoothly, including the following:

  • Create the necessary Project Stages…for me this included:
    • Lead: Job Applicant
    • Lead: Applicant Pass
    • Job: Interview Candidate
    • Job: DMS Team Member
    • Job: Applicant Decline
  • Create a Client Custom Mapped Field to hold the role the candidates are applying for to be used in canned emails and forms.
  • Pro-Tip: Use emojis to identify which items go with which workflows

Template Setup

Next, you want to setup all of the templates needed for the workflow:

  • Schedulers  – I set up the following 3 schedulers to manage the overall process
    • Virtual Job Interview
    • Virtual Job Offer
    • First Onboarding Day
  • Forms – These form templates ensured that I was able to receive the necessary information to make a successful hiring decision
    • Lead Capture: Job Application
    • Contract: Employment Contract
    • Questionnaires:
      • Job Screening Assessment
      • Technology Evaluation
      • W-9 Request
  • Canned emails – The canned emails ensured that prospective hirees understood what was expected of them throughout the process.
    • Job Applicant Auto Response
    • Initial Rejection
    • Request for Virtual Interview
    • Screening Assessment
    • Job Offer
    • Post Interview Rejection
    • Technology Evaluation
    • Onboarding Meeting

The video dives into much more detail on how these assets were setup so if you’re interested in stretching the capabilities of Dubsado beyond just client management, then you don’t want to miss it!

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