Your Best Life in the New Normal

Mastering the Chaos of Working at Home


you’re at home…

and the kids are at home,

and the hubby is at home…

and your pet is looking at all of you like he’s longing for the days when he could miss you guys again? šŸ˜¾


You’d get up at 6, everyone’s out the door by 8, lunch by noon, happy hour drinks at 5…yada yada yada…but those times are a distant memory now (along with the hopes of you wearing grown up pants, any vestige of your last nerve, and watching anything that you HAVEN’T ALREADY SEEN on Netflix)

Depending on how you feel about your job, I bet you never thought you’d be uttering the words…“I miss going to work”

Let's face it... it's a new normal!

Even if you still have to work remotely, I can’t imagine that in some way your “normal” routine hasn’t changed, even if it’s just the change in school schedules that’s keeping the kids around more (dancing the Schoop behind your chair during zoom meetings ?)

You probably didn’t notice how much structure you had in your day until it was disrupted.

But what if I told you, that that structure is not something that’s only confined to going to a job/business everyday.

In this webinar I'll show you...

Exactly how to create your Ideal Week & define your days with guide-rails and clarity so that you can stop bouncing off the walls in your home and get your household running like a well oiled machine.

With some helpful tactics and techniques, you can regain some of the sanity that was instilled in your “former life” into this new post-apocalyptic dystopia….I mean…this new post-pandemic family togetherness era…Yay!

Live Webinar where you can chat directly with me and I’ll be answering your questions in real-time!


In this webinar, I’m going to show you step by step how to create your Ideal Week and provide some additional productivity tools and techniques to ensure that you are living out your ideal week over and over again.

Hi, Iā€™m Nicole Johnson

I own Digital Made Simple

Let me tell you, running an agency from home with team members, family, and clients all clamoring for my attention at any given time I had to do something to not turn into the head exploding emoji ?

One of the most effective and simplest methods I used was to create my Ideal Week


….now this isn’t just what I imagined my Ideal Week to be, but it is a tool that allowed me to actually CREATE it and execute it IRL

(that’s “in real life” for all us folk who’s birth year starts with a 1)

Create Boundaries & Have More Control

Using my Ideal Week and the support systems I used to manifest it was integral in me creating boundaries and having more control over what my days looked like instead of always feeling like my days were just happening to me ?

Create Your Ideal Week With Me!

You too will find freedom, clarity, and dare I say…SANITY in creating your Ideal Week with the tips and techniques that I provide in this Webinar.

Join me for the LIVE Webinar on March 18th at 7PM EST!