Nikki’s Art Videos

By far the hardest website I’ve had to tackle have been my own with this one and the Nikki’s Art Videos sites. It’s easy enough to create a design that’s reflective of someone else’s vision and goals, and quite difficult to tap into your own. I guess designing websites is a lot like giving advice…it’s easy to give to others but hard to take for yourself. At any rate, this website needed to have eCommerce functionality as well as a comprehensive portfolio so that clients could see the various possibilities for this product. I learned through this website that ‘If you build it, they won’t necessarily come’. This is why it’s so important to integrate good SEO, responsive design, and integration with social media marketing in order to draw attention to your product/service.

I wanted my site to be responsive and accessible so that any client on any device could see my products and contact me if they wanted my help.
Using WooCommerce©, and some handy extensions, I could not only offer products for sale in my own website, but I could obtain highly customized information from my customers.
With something as “taste-specific” as slideshow videos for personal occasions, it’s important that customers could see the variety in my work. I needed the site to have a portfolio that showcased examples in each of the different product categories I offer.


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August 17, 2015

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