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This was my first real website project for a client. Debora E. Holmes is a minister and founder of Divine Evangelistic Helps (DEH) Ministry and she wanted to give her ministry more reach. She conducts workshops, MCs events, and is hired to sing and preach at special occasions. She wanted to spread the Word through her website, social media, and also directly to her audience via email. We started with a creative brief where I explored her goals and needs and we expanded to opportunities that she didn’t really know existed. As a result I developed a fully functioning website with promotional, ecommerce, digital magazine, audio playlist, and interactive functionalities.

The main product that DEH Ministries was sharing was Min. Holmes and her ministry itself. Through this site she is able to broadcast events that she will be appearing at, her skills and capabilities, as well as a little bit more about herself. This site includes a page for a touching memorial tribute to one of her daughters and showcases her prominent involvement in the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Her Guestbook is full of comments from visitors who appreciate this insight!
Using WooCommerce, the client can sell CDs and DVDs of her preaching engagements online. She can also obtain requests for future bookings. 
This online magazine adds multiple article per issue functionality. The current issue includes a featured article rotating slider and past issues in the sidebar. I also designed a standard “magazine cover” to represent each month’s issue. Upon publishing monthly, these articles are sent directly to subscribers’ emails.
This website has a slew of interactive features. More than just the blog which allows readers to comment and provide feedback, but there is also a Guestbook which allows visitors to leave a comment as they stop by, an Ask Deborah forum where people can post questions and answers, as well as a Prayer Request section where anyone can leave a note and request a special word of prayer and support through Min. Holmes.
If a site is not responsive, it’s really missing the boat on several levels. Site visitors don’t just look at sites on desktop computers anymore, but need to access it on mobile devices and tablets. Search engine rankings are improved if a site is responsive and in this particular project, Min. Holmes also used multiple devices to access and update her own site. Responsive design is key!

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