Maintenance Made Simple™

Keeping your online presence and brand running like a well oiled machine

Maintaining and managing your site doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders alone

Once the foundation of your website and digital marketing is established, you can’t just set it and forget it. You will have to continue to drive traffic to your site, keep it from getting hacked, and make sure it looks and functions properly for the long term. 

Ensuring everything is running smoothly means that you have make sure all the “nuts and bolts” are fastened

maintaining your business online can be so simple


Basic Package

If you’re pretty tech savvy or have resources who can handle some of the content updates, but you want to leave the highly technical stuff to me, then the Basic Package is for you. It includes:

Pro Package

You want to run your business, not manage your site’s back-end. You also want to make sure your content creation and site look/feel is consistent with your brand. In this case, you want the Pro Package. It includes:

Premium Package

Sometimes you need some virtual assistance. I’ll help keep your back-end running smoothly and ensure that your customer management process is efficient. It includes:

Choose between paying in full up front  -OR- the flexible 50/50 payment plan! You will be able to select your service level on the purchase page.

Effective marketing is an essential component in improving your visibility and generating more revenue for your business.

This process will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts and identify opportunities for reaching your target audience with great content they’ll love.


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