Ready to launch Quiz

Launch Quiz

Determine your readiness to take your business to the next level with this Readiness to Launch Quiz!

Check all the items below each question that you feel you have a really good handle on. Items that you're not familiar with or don't feel good about, leave unchecked.

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  • How 'together' is your branding...Does it exist? Can people recognize your brand? Do you feel it truly represents your business.
  • How clear are you on your product/service offering to your potential clients?
  • How well do you understand how you will attract potential clients and turn them into paying customers?
  • How defined is your process for handling your customers as you deliver your product/service?
  • Is your business setup and ready to go like a Boss?
  • Do you have the written content, images, video, etc. to promote your business online?
  • Do you have a strategy for how you will engage with your potential client audience through blogging?
  • How well does your business run when you're not working with clients
  • How well have you defined the goals you want to achieve and the metrics you'll use to measure success?