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If you want to see how I use this planning system and to plan along with me as I define my goals, this video Masterclass can show you all of that!

Videos 1-2: These are really preparation…if you already know how to print the worksheets out or especially if you already know how to download and use the worksheets on your digital planner, then you don’t necessarily have to watch these (but if you want a refresher then these are helpful).

Video 3: This video goes through the whole SMART Goals methodology which is very good grounding on how to define your goals…DON’T SKIP THIS ONE!

Videos 4-5: These videos give you a front row seat into how I’m planning my goals…I encourage you to be nosey ?

Videos 6-7: We get into the whole Stretch Goals methodology here which may be new to many of you…DON’T SKIP THIS ONE EITHER!

Video 8:This last video is a wrap up of Do’s & Don’ts of goal planning…AND… A special offer at the end ?

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