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REMOTE - PART TIME - U.S. Based Only
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Tech & Systems Specialist Role:

Remote (U.S. Based) – Part-time – Contract Position
Pay Range: $26-35/hr DOE*
Time Commitment: 24-32 hrs/month


*Depends On Experience

A Little about the Company

Digital Made Simple, LLC is a brand strategy agency, focusing on consulting, brand management, and systems integration.

Our core values include:

  • Trustworthiness/honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Nurturing/Caring
  • Due Diligence
  • Reliability
  • Mutual Respect
  • Progressive learning

My vision is to become the most prolific brand strategy agency in the nation.


Digital Made Simple, LLC

Digital Made Simple, LLC helps brands experience less confusion, frustration, and intimidation about marketing online so that they are empowered to reach their goals with confidence and authenticity while manifesting their vision for making a lasting mark on those they serve and their community.

What I’m looking for…

Digital Made Simple, LLC is looking for a talented, capable, solutions focused team member to provide general technical support and Leadership with our primary systems. If you want to enjoy the flexibility of working from home while getting hands on experience supporting a technology savvy organization, with high valued clients, then join the Digital Made Simple team.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve grown my presence significantly, and am in the process of cultivating a true connection with current clients and audience that will take my business to the next level. The role of a virtual assistant is incredibly important to the success of daily business operations.

Why join me? I’m building a dream team and you’ll get to help build that team of creative, motivated and dedicated people who thrive off of contributing their unique expertise to our mission which is to help brands build and shape their future authentically in order to impact and uplift those they serve.. You will be challenged, encouraged, and developed in a way that supports not only this business but also your own goals! 

Role Summary 

  • Works well as a independent learner and moderate management.
  • Sets up automations and systems to support the business and service functions of DMS and clients. 
  • Collaborates with team to gain additional understanding of company, customers, and systems.
    • Meet with team members to troubleshoot sticking points in their workflows.
  • Looks at a system and be able to find where the breakdown is, what the best solution is AND how to execute on that solution.
  • Responsible for establishing internal + external processes and for their measurement and effectiveness.
  • Creates simple instructional SOPs and revision notes and/or videos for team members and customers and any key performance indicators for the business.
  • Follow established SOPs and recommend improvements as needed.
  • Provides timely, accurate and complete reports on the operating condition of the company.
  • Oversees technical support for our clients via email or virtual chat.
  • Responds to any systems malfunction and comes up with a solutions and details of the malfunctions as well as processes to prevent recurrence.
  • Creates, testing and monitoring tech for launches, promotions, and ongoing program systems.
    • Assists with setting up new tech platforms.
    • Double check and test all technical systems created by other team members before deploying.
  • Attends weekly core team meetings.
    • Proactively keep team members informed of changes within their systems and automations.
    • Suggest better practices and methods for current systems and processes.
  • Joins and/or leads critical customer meetings.
  • Learns all about our products and services and how they all fit together.

If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be my dream hire! I’ve got a few new launches on the horizon, and more opportunities for tightening the backend of this business. You may just be the person I need to get organized and run more efficiently than ever!

The Technology & Systems Specialist  is a mostly virtual position with a few yearly opportunities for in-person teamwork while ensuring the maximum health & safety precautions. You should be comfortable leading the team in weekly touchpoint meetings, providing updates to me, and working autonomously to ensure that daily operations are running smoothly.

I do a really good job of maintaining work-life balance. That being said, the Technology & Systems Specialist should be flexible to respond to time-sensitive requests, specifically during launch periods.

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Systems automation development
  • Troubleshooting tech issues
  • Maintain technology efficiencies
  • Technical support customer service
  • Optimization of technologies and systems
  • Responding to requests for partnership engagements
Technology Proficiencies
  • Required High Proficiency
    • Dubsado
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Notion
    • WordPress integration
    • Zapier
    • Zoom
  • Moderately Proficient or Highly capable of learning 
    • YouTube
    • Later
    • Google Workspace
    • Slack
    • Convertkit
    • Whimsical/Miro
  • Nice to Have
    • Descript/Screenflow (or other video editing or transcribing software)
    • Loom
    • Dubins
    • Patreon
    • Gumroad

Basic Requirements 

Available during DMS Business Hours (M-F 9am – 7pm EST, Sat 9am -6pm EST closed on Sunday and any major holidays).
  • 24 -32hrs/monthly
  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree and experience working remotely (preferred).
  • Proven experience – Can speak to experience working as technical support for a corporation or agency.
  • In-home office setup including Mac or PC Computer (including webcam), sufficiently up to date versions of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software (Google Docs, MS Office, or Apple iWork suite preferred), email and ability to add new programs onto computer.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection.
  • Available virtually for troubleshootingProvides virtual customers and team members if/when there is a system malfunction. On a just in time and planned basis
  • Strong technical acumen – knows technical verbiage that will help quickly communicate and engage the right message.
  • Great verbal and written communication skillsCan summarize issues and solutions in a simplified and proactive manner.
  • Works well in a fast paced environmentcan manage and execute on quick turnarounds.
  • Customer centric mindsetlooks for ways to provide the best customer experience and feels most accomplished doing so!
  • Continuous Learner – Proactively seeks professional development through watching videos, reading articles, trainings, etc.
  • InquisitiveAsks questions that go beyond the surface for ideas




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