Goal Definition Masterclass

Estimated Time: Approx. 45 min.

Difficulty: Beginner



Goal Definition Masterclass, Digital Made Simple, LLC

Achieving your goals starts with getting them right in the first place!

What do I mean by getting them right? I mean defining them clearly and effectively so that achieving them practically ineveitable!

This simple 8 lesson course is the foundation and the key to making sure you conquer ANYTHING you set your mind out to do. 

Not only that, you will get an exclusive, sneak peak into the goals I’m setting for myself as well!

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Course Instructor

Nicole Johnson Nicole Johnson Author

Nicole Johnson is a creative professional recognized for her skill in providing digital strategy and graphic design solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Her strength lies in moving people and companies to embrace modern day social media and marketing tools that expand their brand messaging in new and different ways.

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