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Stand out from the rest of the crowd

Branding Defined

What is your Brand Voice?

Setting your business apart can be challenging in a sea of competitors. You need branding that helps you stand out to your prospective customers. Your brand’s voice is the personality of your products/ services and how you want to communicate with your clients.

It’s also important that your products/services reflect the time, energy, and resources that you’ve poured into them. You don’t want your silk purse brand to be mistaken for a sow’s ear.


The style and appearance of your fonts are harmonious with each other and consistent with what your clients respond to.


Your brand colors evoke emotions and send a message to your prospects about who you are and why you’re here. They help make your brand recognizable wherever it’s seen.


Your brand is a promise to your customers of who you are and the standard your uphold. Your logo is the unique representation of that brand and one of the first ways your brand is recognized.

Brand Strategy

It’s important to have a solid reference for how your branding should be used. How not to use your branding can be just as important as how you should use it.

Brand Aesthetics

Show off your brand’s authentic personality. A consistent look and feel for your brand can make your business recognizable with a five-second glance.


Your Brand journey begins here

Creative Brief

At this stage, we dive deep into your business  and project goals. We get a greater sense of your competition and determine what you’d like your brand personality to be in order to attract your target clients.

Colors & Elements Selection

Here we select which colors (typically 5), fonts (typically 2-3), and design elements best represent your brand and speak to your clients. These elements will be incorporated into your logo as well as the rest of your brand aesthetic.

Logo Concepts Selection

Here I will take the input from previous phases such as your brand personality, colors, and elements and generate 3 or 4 sketched logo concepts. You can mix and match these concepts for your final logo design.

Final draft & approval

Lastly, you can provide feedback and any final adjustments to your brand identity. You will come away with a reference document with branding standards that you can use throughout your marketing strategy.


Examples of my work


Make Your business standout

The term branding can be used to describe everything from the purely conceptual to the defined tangible. The intent is for you to be able to show the market who you are and what you can bring to the table before their short attention spans lead them to the next possible alternative.

Working with me on your branding provides tangible deliverables that allow you to:

  • Love how your products and services are represented
  • Feel authentically tied to your brand
  • Make your business stand apart from your competition
  • Lend credibility to your business
  • Bring you in touch with your ideal clients


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