These super simple blogging tips may be the difference between potential clients seeing you as a guru or goof! The purpose of blogging for your business is to establish credibility and thought leadership about your product/services. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Blogging is a great (free) way to bring you closer to your prospects and converting them to paying clients.

Top 5 ways to improve blog posts

  1. Write a compelling headline - a bold statement or proclamation, controversial topic analysis, taking an unusual perspective on  something, or new and relevant happenings in an industry.
  2. Make content easily scan-able -  Separate your ideas and points into sections, and mark them with a heading or some kind of breakpoint.  And give the reader a clear roadmap to follow so that they can navigate it with ease.
  3. Always lead with your best line –   The first two sentences of an article are the most important, because that allows you to grab the user’s attention, and once you’ve grabbed them and roped ’em in, the rest of your writing should refuse to let them go.
  4. Create quotable content -   Adding some quotable quotes to your blog post, ensures that people will remember the post and likely share it with their friends on other networks. Just start with some basic one-liner type stuff and go from there.
  5. Always use good images in your blog posts -  Using good photography that you find from various places around the web or even your own photography. This means that you have a compelling featured image right at the top and well-placed images all throughout the piece.

Now that you know how to write the killer posts, what are you going to write about? This can be the most intimidating aspect of blogging. I often see this because people think they have to create genius content. That’s often not the case. In fact, I’ve found the most popular blog posts are just you sharing your own personal experiences and stories in a way that your readers can relate to. Think of it like an online journal. The simple list below are a few creative ways that you can frame up your content.


10 Ideas for your next blog post

  1. Review a product or service
  2. Start a multi-part series
  3. Create a post or infographic
  4. Create a contest or giveaway and blog about it
  5. Create a list of things
  6. Share your goals
  7. Respond to industry events
  8. Share a success or failure with your audience
  9. Write a tutorial
  10. Publish a best of or top whatever type article